Greetings from the Pastor

Our words are inadequate in response to your gracious welcome. Mrs. Odom and I, along with Christina are happy to be with you, and look forward to a spirit filled ministry lifting up the name of the Lord.

This appointment and the unfolding future are the work of the Holy Spirit. God has brought us together in ways that we cannot begin to comprehend. And the work He has begun in us He will also complete.

In our planning and labors together, let us always be sensitive to the will of God as He reveals it to us through His spirit.  My family joins me in expressing our heartfelt gratitude for the welcome, kindness, and overwhelming love you have shown us. May God bless us all as we become one in Christ, united in purpose, and devotion to Him who has called us to be fellow laborers in His vineyard.


 “ For the Work Is All Divine”


God Bless,

Rev. Artie Odom Jr., Mrs. Odom & Christina