St. Luke AME Church Mission Statement

If the Church is the people of God and the redemptive fellowship in Christ Jesus, then what ought the Church be doing? What services should the church render? What is the mission of the Church?  The basic mission of St. Luke AME Church is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ’s liberating gospel through word and deed.  In order to seek out and save the lost, and serve the needy, the following ministries will be administered:
1. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Souls are saved by the preaching of Jesus Christ. Through preaching, people experience the power of God and they become converted.
2. Feeding the Hungry
In a world where poverty and hunger are visible and felt, St. Luke will provide emergency food programs to the local community.
3. Visiting and Healing the Sick
There will be auxiliaries such as the Stewardess Board and Missionaries, who will organize themselves into a Service and Sick Ministry. Not only will they care for the sick and aged within the local church, but they will care for the sick in the community, and pray for them toward faith-healing; for God is still healing through faith today as He did yesterday.
4. Providing Housing for the Homeless
St. Luke will give, in emergency situations, limited financial assistance to families that are unable to pay the high cost of rent, based on case by case situations. We will also sponsor the building and operation of housing projects for low-income families and housing for the senior citizens of the community.
5. Providing Needed Community Services that are not Provided by other Private or Governmental Agencies
If there are needs of the people in the community we will seek ways to render service to their need, whether they are health needs, recreational needs, or even social needs. By being a representation of Christ, we will feel free, and obligated, to respond effectively to all the needs of people toward bringing an abundant life through Jesus Christ.
6. Educating Those in the Community
St. Luke will inform the world of Jesus Christ. Through the ministry of Christian Education the church will strive to establish schools and classes for instructions, and teach the word of God to help enlighten and cause spiritual growth in all people.
7. Standing against Injustice
St. Luke will be a social action church that sponsors fair-play, equal chance under the law, and fair administration of justice to all people. We will stand with those who are mistreated by our judicial and legislative system and fight so that all are treated equally.
8. Administering to the Needs of those in Prisons, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Asylums, and Mental Institutions, Senior Citizens’ Homes, Caring for the Sick, the Shut-Ins, the Mentally and Socially Disturbed.
By administering these ministries St. Luke AME Church will ensure that we help others, help ourselves, and help others to help themselves when no one else wants to help.