Recent Events

  • Men's Day 2019

    The annual Men's Day celebration was held on April 14.  Guest speaker for the occasion was former St. Luke shepherd Rev. David L. Morrison.  Please enjoy images from this wonderful event.

  • Black History Service 2019

    Image from the 2019 Black History Service.

  • Hurricane Florence Relief

    Images from St. Luke's relief efforts after Hurricane Florence.  St. Luke was designated by the Bishop as one of the 2nd District's Hope Centers, and will continue to distribute water and other supplies, provided by Bishop and Episcopal Supervisor Davis!

  • Lay Service 2018

    Lay Service Pictures from August 26th, 2018.  Guest speaker was Sister Gwen Smith.  Sister Dianne Ford was recognized as the Lay member of the year!!!

  • Women's Day 2018

    Images from all 2018 Women's Day Events.  Click to view them all!  There are approximately 5 pages.

  • 2018 Senior Appreciation Day

    St. Luke celebrated our wonderful seniors on August 18th.  The members and many visitors were treated to an outstanding program.  Sis Gwen Davis was recognized as the Senior of the Year.  Click on this slide to view images from the occasion.

  • VBS 2018

    St. Luke hosted Vacation Bible School on June 11-14, where our theme was Jesus the Kingdom Builder.  Over 250 people ranging in age from 2 to 86 attended and were treated to a scrumptious dinner nightly.  There were activities for all age groups, and an environment of fun and learning was created for all participants! Click to view images from the four days!


  • Male Chorus Anniversary

    The Male Chorus celebrated their 52nd anniversary on June 10, 2018.  Guess choirs and musicians from the area came out to help them celebrate!  Click on this image to view a short video/slideshow from the occasion