Recent Events

  • Ushers Anniversary 2017

    St. Luke's Ushers celebrated their anniversary on October 15th.  The many guests in attendance enjoyed an evening full of the word and praise. Click here to view images from what was a wonderful program.

  • Women's Conference 2017

    The women of St. Luke, came together on October 13, 2017, for a women's unity conference that was 2 years in the making.  Click here to enjoy images from this two day event!

  • Women's Day 2017

    On September 17, 2017, St. Luke held its annual Women's Day service.  This service was the culmination of events, including bowling, a pew rally, and a prayer breakfast.programs.  Visit the gallery to view images from all of this year's Women's Day events.

  • An Evening with the Lay

    The Lay team brought St. Luke together for fellowship and education, as we learned about our Church organizations, and participated in a question and answer session for prizes.  Of course, they served us a great meal, too!  Enjoy!

  • Annual Missionary Day Celebration 2017

    Our Annual Women's Missionary Day was held on Sunday, February 19, 2017.  The featured speaker of the hour was Rev. Dr. McAllister, from FWBC.  We salute the officers and members of the Isabelle Treadwell Missionary Society of St. Luke AME Church for a successful celebration.  

  • St. Luke Academy Awards 2017

    Images from St. Luke's Academy Awards Program.  Click to view or download images.

  • SOA Valentine's Gala 2017

    Images from the Son's of Allen Valentine's Gala.  Click to view and download selected images.

  • Church School Seminar 2017

    St. Luke hosted the Southern Conference Church School Seminar to kick off Black History Month.  Over 250 individuals attended the conference and were served some relevant history along with some real soul food.  Click here for images from the program.

  • Annual MLK Prayer Breakfast 2017

    St. Luke held its annual MLK Program and Breakfast on Monday, January 16th. The youth put on a wonderful play covering significant historical events. Congrats to all participants, and Tamara Carroll, who was responsible for putting it together.  Click on this image to view all images.

  • Christmas Day Service 2016

    St. Luke AME Church's 8:00 am, Christmas Day service.  Click for images.

  • Christmas Gala 2016

    On December 9th, Rev. Artie and First Lady Margie Odom, hosted our 2016 Christmas Gala.  Special guests were in  attendance, along with many of the church members. Click here to see the gallery of images from this event.

  • Veteran's Day 2016

    On Sunday, November 13th, St. Luke held its 2016 Veteran's Day observance.  Guest speaker for the occasion was Rev. Jeffery Saffold, from Lewis Chapel North, in Springlake, NC.  Click on this link to download images from this annual program.